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"A Quaker church has hopes its efforts to harness solar energy to power its building will inspire other not-for-profits, individuals and businesses in the area to follow suit.

"Lincoln Blake, who is a co-clerk for the church and overseeing the project, said he is hopeful the panels will help the congregation lower its electricity bill by more than $2,000 per year, while also highlighting what is widely considered to be an important part of the Quaker faith: stewardship of the environment.

"'This grows out of the Quaker concern for stewardship of the Earth,' he said. 'We consider (Earth) to be a great gift and something we should take care of. This is just one small way we can do that more effectively.'"

Read more about our project in The Richmond Palladium Item. 

http://www.ffri.org First Friends Meeting (a Quaker Church) in Richmond Indiana goes solar to show their care for their environment and the Earth. They installed 120 solar panels to aspire to a net zero carbon footprint with the help of energy conservation.