First Friends will host Quaker performance artist and scholar Peterson Toscano on Tuesday, Jan. 17. This is a wonderful opportunity for rich conversation. Peterson suggested this opportunity to meet with people from local Quaker meetings while he is in the Richmond area. Possible topics of discussion (depending on attendees’ interest) include: Bible and religion (such as gender nonconforming Bible characters, and LGBTQ in relation to pastoral care, faith, and justice) and faith and environmental issues.

 Peterson has previously taught on the following subjects during college residencies:

·        Environmental studies (intersectional responses to climate change as a moral issue connected to human rights and environmental justice, creative ways of communicating climate science)

·        Gender studies (gay conversion therapy, male privilege)

·        Communication (using storytelling, social networking, podcasting, and the media to promote justice)

·        Theatre (one-person shows, and performance art)

 He has also presented in the past on integrating art with activism. To learn more about Peterson’s work and hear samples of his talks, please visit his website:

 The presentation will be held at 7 p.m. in the Parlor of the Richmond First Friends Meetinghouse, 2010 Chester Blvd., Richmond, IN.