• Quaker Haven Camp (map)

Information about Family Camp

When is it?
May 28, 29, and 30. That is the Saturday through Monday of Memorial Day Weekend.

What time does it start and end?
Registration starts at 4 pm on Saturday, May 28 and Family Camp goes through 1 pm on Monday, May 30. We would love for you to come for as long or as short as you are able.

Quaker Haven Camp, 111 EMS D16C Lane, Syracuse, IN 46567

Who is leading it?
This is a New Association of Friends event, led by Richmond First Friends Meeting. Richmond First Friends has been having a Family Camp on Memorial Day Weekend at Quaker Haven for many years. This will be the third year they have opened Family Camp up to the whole New Association.

What is the Cost?
The cost of Family Camp is for room and meals at Quaker Haven. Adults cost more on average than children for both room and meals. Costs will depend on how long you are at Family Camp and what meals you choose to have. The costs for adults and children for the full weekend are below. Matt will contact you with your approximant cost after you register. You will pay your registration at the Quaker Haven Office when you get to the camp. 

Adult Costs:
•    Oak Haven Lodge– $30/night
•    Campsite– $24 up to 5 persons/night
•    Breakfast each day– $6.75
•    Sunday Lunch– $11
•    Monday Lunch–$8.50
•    Dinner each day– $9
Child Costs:
•    Oak Haven Lodge– $15 per night
•    Breakfast each day– $4.25
•    Sunday Lunch– $6
•    Monday Lunch–$4.75
•    Dinner each day– $4.75

What do I need to bring?
Mainly Yourself! But, there are some other things you may need. 
•    Depending on where you are staying at Quaker Haven, you will need appropriate bedding. Check with Matt Hamm or the Quaker Haven website if you are not sure. 
•    Outdoor and sports equipment for what you are wanting to do. Once again, check the Quaker Haven website for information on what is available to you.
•    Bathing suit for the lake and beach, hopefully the weather will be good for us! 
•    Towel and overnight bathroom essentials. 
•    Sunscreen and bug spray! This is an outdoor camp after all. Make sure to be prepared.
•    Make sure to check the weather before you come and bring appropriate clothing and shoes.
Contact Info You May Need
Matt Hamm at Richmond First Friends
•    Email: firstfm@comcast.net
•    Phone: (765) 962 7666
•    Website: www.ffri.org

Websites You May Need
*All three of us are also on Facebook!